Monday, September 05, 2011

Heads Up On Some Great Upcoming Events: Time For A Pittsburgh Roadtrip?

Of course as someone who came here from somewhere else--I'm always looking for that right time to call up people I knew back when and tell them they gotta see Pittsburgh.

Now might be a good time to make plans for an extended mini trip of a few days or a week to check out some of these happenings.

Great Lakes Urban Exchange Conference, Sept 15-17

Pittsburgh Parking Day, Sept 16

Pittsburgh Biennial @ Miller Gallery Opening, Sept 16

Pittsburgh Biennial @ The Warhol Museum, Opening, Sept 17

Podcamp Pittsburgh, Sept 17-18

Downtown Gallery Crawl, Sept 30

October Penn Ave First Friday "Unblurred" Arts Crawl, October 7

Pyrotopia Festival of Fire Arts, Oct 7-8

VIA Music & New Media Festival, October 5-16

Pittsburgh Zombie Fest, October 8

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire, October 23

Three Rivers Film Festival, Nov 4-17

Handmade Arcade For The Holidays, Nov 12

Of course, there's a lot more stuff goin on. Double check the dates-check out all the details you can and plan that road trip.

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