Monday, September 12, 2011

PIttsburgh Biennial LeRoy at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts through 9/18

John and I are happy to be a part of LeRoy's work in the Pittsburgh Biennial. As you can see, we are a very small part. LeRoy's huge installation of a fabric collage at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is fascinating. So much to look at. To quote Kurt Shaw from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:
The remaining works on display are quite compelling, if not beautiful. Pittsburgh artist Paul LeRoy Gehres, a.k.a. LeRoy "King of Art" MFA, presents a fabric-collage installation of pop-cultural references in his installation "I'm a Lover not a Fighter." The installation encourages audience participation with FOR TWOS, a wearable garment designed for the interaction of two people at once, originally invented by German contemporary artist Franz Erhard Walther. Visitors are invited to wear the FOR TWOS, have a conversation about the subject matter that Gehres has printed on each, photograph the process, post the photos on his "I'm a Lover not a Fighter" Facebook page and continue the conversation on his blog,, making for one of the more engaging works in the exhibit.

There are many terrible ties. And many other images culled from photos of Pittsburghers and others, presented in interesting ways. I was particularly taken by a photo of Phyllis Diller on a PINK khaki background.
BE AWARE that the earlier parts of the the Pgh. Center for the Arts, The Carnegie and the Filmmakers are open only through Sunday!

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