Sunday, December 03, 2006

Miguel Chevalier : Ultra Nature @ Wood Street

Here are some still shots I took of the Miguel Chevalier instalation on Wood Street's second floor. Ther is also an amazing piece on the floor above called RGB Land that I will post on later. Here's the press release from Wood Street's website. Both of these works have to be experienced in person.

"Ultra-Nature is a lush virtual garden that was created for Sejul Gallery, Korea. The garden’s flora is made up of eight varieties of luminescent, scalar plants, ranging from herbaceous vegetation and bright yellow flowers with turquoise stems, through to cacti in shades of red and violet. Each plant evolves according to a unique cycle that is defined by its morphogenetic characteristics. Motion sensors allow visitors to influence the growth of the garden’s plants. As viewers interact with the artwork, the plants incline to the left or right, creating a scene that alternates between baroque strapwork and stylized organic ballet. In this way, they mirror Monet's cosmic sensibility, his evocation of light and time as well as his taste for series (as in NymphĂ©as water lily)."

Wood Street Galleries is located in Pittsburgh's Cultural District.
601 Wood StreetPittsburgh, PA 15222

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