Friday, December 08, 2006

Review Of The Keny Marshall Show @ Space

Adam Grossi has a review of the Keny Marshall show that both me and Merge love @ Space, downtown. It was originally printed in the City Paper and is now on the Pittsburgh Art Review website.

"This level of access into ordinarily inaccessible technology is a driving force for Marshall’s work, an aesthetic of transparency he shares with contemporary DIY technicians like L.A.- based artist Tim Hawkinson. Marshall is motivated, to quote his artist’s statement, by a critique of the “increasingly invisible world that technology inhabits.” For Marshall, the unveiling of high-tech mechanisms also provides insight into their ideological constructions: the framework of thought that propels their creation. In a world hell-bent on microchips, nanotechnology and deceptively smooth plastic shells to conceal it all, Marshall’s approach is a playful protest against our rarely questioned immersion in man-made environments we can’t attempt to understand."

Read the whole review here. The web site is trying very hard to get more contributors.

Apophenia continues through December 31st at SPACE Gallery , 812 Liberty Ave., Downtown. 412-325-7723

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