Sunday, December 03, 2006

RGB Land : Miguel Chealier / Eric Wenger @ Wood Street

Here are some shots of the huge projection work on Wood Street's top flooor called RGB land. I think that a good argument can be made that the work is conceptually boring-- a big video game type world. But, as an experience the work which also involves a sound element is transporting. I will be back.

Here is the blurb from the press release :

"The desert landscape, RGB Land, which regularly moves towards us, could be filmed by a drone, or seen by a bird of prey that glides unperturbed by the sight of a moving animal. This could be in Arizona or New Mexico, but it is neither. Everything, the earth, the water, the sky, comes from the calculations of machines, the computation of algorithms and fractal models.

We endlessly move towards infinity in this procedural landscape that envelops us. However, we are only exploring a tiny part of a world that has been globally mapped. The gigantic map, which looks like a seismic study, precedes the existence of this region that is nothing more than an extrapolated detail. Consequently, it is the map that makes the territory and not the other way around.

The framing, just like the image’s sharpness, evokes panoramic photography, which, as early as the second half of the nineteenth century, placed the viewer in an immersive situation. Our eyes are impossibly attracted to the far distance, just like when we contemplate the paintings of Gaspard David Friedrich.

The singularity of this landscape also resides in the saturated colors - reds, greens and blues - that cover it. This covered landscape evokes Robert Smithson’s Earthworks. But, here, the rain is not at all a threat to the artifice. This artificial nature has already succumbed to fractal erosion. It now appears to us frozen in its movement."

Wood Street Galleries is located in Pittsburgh's Cultural District.
601 Wood StreetPittsburgh, PA 15222

Tuesday-Thursday 12-8pm
Friday-Saturday 12-10pm

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