Thursday, December 07, 2006

This show will also have an opening downtown tomorrow night at 707 Penn.

707 PENNinvites you to an opening reception

Friday, December 8from 5 - 7pm
VISTAS new works by Sarah Beitler

Tuesday-Thursday 12-8pm
Friday-Saturday 12-10pm

I think the show closes on Dec 31st, but I am not too sure how I got that info. The email I got didn't have it and what passes for a website doesn't give any date for the closing.

Good luck finding much info about this show.

People should be realistic about what most of the downtwon shows are-- temporary, transparent efforts to hype real estate downtown. However, many of these shows are very worthwhile. People here need to cherish these spaces while they exist.


Susan Constanse said...

Yeah, downtown has already lost Artists Upstairs.
Maybe the powers that be would look more favorably on these spaces if they were making even a passing effort at becoming self-sustaining instead of automatically going for the non-profit staus thing. I can't thin of a single space in downtown that isn't a 501(c)3, can you?

Merge Divide said...

What about the watercolors gallery?

Susan Constanse said...

From their website:
Watercolors Gallery , 901 Penn Ave in the Cultural District of downtown Pittsburgh, is a cooperative gallery financed and run by local artists. Works featured employ various media including watercolors, oils, pastels, acrylic, photography, stained glass, sculpture, etc.

Notice where it says cooperative? They charge dues, that's what they are surviving on. I lay this all at the feet of the local denizens. There are very few buyers, let alone collectors, in this city. Maybe the spaces downtown wouldn't have to resort to being a co-op, or getting non-profit status, if there was more purchasing power in the city.

But the non-profit spaces present an entirely different problem. They're not even trying to sell work. If you don't buy it at the show, forget it. None of them have back rooms.