Wednesday, November 08, 2006

brillobox Drink and Draw!

Drink and Draw last night at the brillobox!
What a blast! I won a door prize, a special mix cd to play while I'm drawing in the studio -- some of my favorite tunes, lucky me.

Here are a bunch of images from the evening. I don't know where Renee found that great little piano that was on the stage. Nobody included it in their drawings, though. I sorta wish that I had, it really set the tone.

Renee has put together a schedule to see us through January. All of the dates are on Tuesdays and the sessions run from 6-9pm
Nov. 28,
Dec 12,
Dec 26,
Jan 9,
Jan 23

If you want to get on the update list, just email us. Also, check into the brillobox Drink and Draw MySpace page for updates about models and just because it's a fun site.

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