Monday, November 06, 2006

Pittsburgh Art Review

I can't fully explain why, but there are constant and very promising signs that Pittsburgh may be trying to break it's self imposed exile from the world that has so frustrated me. Projects and studies seem to come and go but the faint sound of cracking is there. People are talking about linking websites, adding more info and pictures online and now there is an attempt to have a Pittsburgh Art Review website and arts forum.

Adam Grossi, who has been a major force behind this, sees this as a work in progress and the site will be gradually be upgraded. One of the core issues behind the project has not been solved and exposes the conected nature of the problem. Without images or at least links to them, the value of the reviews and the level of discussion will be pretty limited. Hopefully the very existence of this review will spur people to put more images online, build and improve websites, add maps etc... There is something amazingly revealing about the online world. Fault lines, racial and class divisions and plain snobbery are exposed to all.

From the website:

Welcome To PAR!

Pittsburgh Art Review is an open forum for reviews and criticism of art exhibitions in the city of Pittsburgh. We seek to further the image of Pittsburgh as an arts city by providing a hub for both arts professionals and the public at large to voice what interests, puzzles, inspires, and troubles them. No matter your background, we encourage you to create a Profile and share your opinion.

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