Friday, November 03, 2006

the Buddha Bomb/ Francis Crisafio @ Gallery 707

Friday night I went to the opening of a small but stunning show by Francis Crisafio in one of the Cultural Trust spaces; Gallery 707. Francis, in his statement, apologizes for the lack of high end production values, but the show is tight, wonderfully thought out and fits perfectly into it's setting. It is has to be seen and contemplated in person so I won't be wasting too much time describing it.

From his artist's statement:

" The Buddha Bomb is a video+sound+graphic image installation that metaphorically explores two iconic extremes; the Buddha, a represtative of inner and outer harmony and the Bomb, in our time the absolute symbol of power, control and fear. In between is a human element at play with a number of layers I have not been able to develop fully as of yet. " fc06

Francis, for the second time ( the first was in my space ), has used a short film looping on an I- Pod as part of an installation and it really works. The overall effect of the show is to pose a question and create a place for meditation.

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