Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jamie Adams @ Jack the Pelican Presents

Here are some images of the paintings in the Jamie Adams show at Jack the Pelican Presents. Somehow the stars aligned to put a John Currin and a Jamie Adams show in NY at the same time. Both of these artist's have a CMU connection and when I first came across Jamie's work it seemed just too close to Currin's. This show really hit the spot for me. Hopefully, I will get it together to explain why I liked it so much. Both artist's play with the history of painting, kitch and attraction and repulsion with Adams, usually tilting towards attraction. I did not see the John Currin show.

My camera's battery had died by the time I got to this show, but one nice thing about blogging about NY gallery shows is knowing that the gallery will have images and info on their site.

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