Monday, March 26, 2007

Bridge to Nowhere

Filming starts today for the Pittsburgh crime flick, "Bridge to Nowhere," starring Ving Rhames and directed by CMU grad, Blair Underwood.

"The Bridge to Nowhere" was a local term referring to an Allegheny River bridge which ran out of funding, and reached only halfway across the water for the better part of a decade. A Pitt student once drove over it into the drink in the middle of the night, but lived through it with hardly a scratch.

I'm always struck by the Allegheny bridges, which to my eye look like New York shapes at a Paris scale. The bridge pictured is one of the "Three Sisters" and cuts from Sandusky Street (in front of the Warhol) on the North Side to Seventh Street in Downtown.

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caroline said...

Pittsburgh is a big film town, huh? I remember all that hubbub about Sienna Miller...