Saturday, March 03, 2007

Flat Out @ Unblurred on March 2

Flat Out @Unblurred was a lot of fun last night. Trinity Gallery joined us in bringing work to the Community Activity Center on North Pacific. It's a beautiful space that will hopefully be used for more events like this.

Digging Pitt brought several portfolios of artists works to the venue. Many of the artists included in the flat file archive were represented. It gave us an opportunity to talk about how important an archive is for exposing emerging artists to the general public. And really, there aren't that many galleries that can readily mount an exhibit of this nature on short notice.

We'll be back, so however you're following gallery events, keep an eye open for more of these flat out table top exhibits. If you want to receive gallery updates, you can always get on our update list or become one of our friends on MySpace. And if you would like to host such an event at your venue, please contact us at Digging Pitt.

The Flat Out @Unblurred

The event ended up with a few surprises. Tom Fallon stopped by with some friends to see what we were up to. Tom Fallon and Christine Bethea
Tom and Marie Fallon and Christine Bethea

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