Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mixing Images @Trinity

Things are starting to warm up in Pittsburgh. Everybody is coming out of their winter cocoons. On Saturday, I thought I woud get to Trinity gallery as soon as the artist reception started so that I could say hello to the artists and maybe get a few clear shots of the work. The gallery is smallish and can get crowded very quickly. This was the scene when I walked in the door.With that said, I apologize for the images of the work that follow. Some of the work that I wanted to shoot, I couldn't get a clear shot of. So I had to settle.
Jesse Sharrard
Jesse Sharrard
Jayne Osgood

I am looking at the postcard for this exhibit and there is no closing date or gallery hours, so if you are interested in seeing the exhibit, please contact Dan Gaser at Trinity. I thought Jayne's small mixed medium piece, above, was charming. Jesse's work was pretty dynamic.

Mixing Images
Jesse Sharrard and Jayne Osgood
Trinity Gallery
4747 Hatfield Street
Pittsburgh PA 15201

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