Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eigen + Art Does It Right

I mentioned that I liked the Eigen booth at the Armory a lot. I came across this old story on that gallery that has increased my respect for them even more. It gives a nice short history of the gallery's origins in the depressed post industrial city of Leipzig. What knocks you out is the support and commitment that the gallery has shown in supporting it's artists.

"While many contemporary dealers poach established artists from their rivals or make money on the secondary market (buying and selling already known works), Lybke, the son of a former brothel-owner turned carpenter, is interested in artists whose careers he can nurture from early on, even providing some with studio space."

In return of course the dealer demands a lot of loyalty. I did a post that touched on that issue of gallery loyalty a long while ago. This guy gets loyalty the old fashioned way -- He earns it. The twist is that Lybke's first gallery was in Leipzig, the cheapest city in Europe which makes one wonder if galleries paying New York type bills can afford to nurture artists or take risks.

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