Thursday, March 08, 2007

Community Gallery project in the Hill District

Last week, I posted about this really terrific project that is happening in the Hill District and other Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Well, here are some images from the wonderful kick-off event at the Hill House on Saturday March 3. The grand finale will be a reception for the children at the Hill House on Saturday March 31.

The kids will be working with Deanna Mance, Biko, Tim Fabian and Christine Bethea on Saturdays through March. Tasha Watkins is assisting all of the artists at their workshops. And on April 7, we will be holding Pittsburgh Soars, a kite-flying extravaganza. Denys Candy from the Find the Rivers project has located three flying sites in the Hill District.

So get out your calendar and write down the dates!

A special guest, one of the puppets that Cheryl Cappezutti made for Pittsburgh Roars.
Evan Frazier (Hill House) and Lissa Rosenthal (Pittsburgh Roars)
Bill Peduto stopped by to say hello
Vanessa German's Migration project
Christine Bethea's Seussville on the Hill project
Suan Constanse Origami elephant herd

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