Sunday, May 13, 2007

Clues to the Swoon Mystery

So, I think I found some clues to what connects the artist Swoon to Pittsburgh. The shot above was taken outside of Swoon's jammed art opening at mega dealer Deitch projects in NYC. Look carefully through the bikes at that black shirt that says Kraynicks. Yes, it's that kraynicks on Penn Ave.

And here's another clue.


Anonymous said...

stop speculating,
she has friends that live there.
simple as that.

chickpealady said...

i love that swoon's connection to pittsburgh engages you so with its mystery. maybe i can help demystify this a bit.
nice eye on that opening photo! the kraynick's shirt-wearer was erok, who is a free ride volunteer/bike pittsburgh organizer. his partner, andalusia, is good friends with callie (swoon). there is also a community of boat punx in pittsburgh who build houseboats to sail down the mississippi each year. swoon and some friends built their own flotilla last year to sail down the hudson and then the mississippi, and she came here last year to do research with the pgh boat punx, and to visit andalusia. whilst here, she made the bikefest poster and put up some of her beautiful work. connection made.

Unknown said...

seak said

i brought swoon to pittsburgh in 2004 for the street changes forever show downtown. we had always had plans for her to come through as i told her of all the work i had been doing in the industrial wasteland that was here. her busy schedule always prevented this from happening, but i am sure the seed had always been planted in her head.

the first time she came she sent me an email saying that she hoped we could get together the next time.... unfortunately i moved at about the same time.