Thursday, May 17, 2007

Digging Pitt wants you...

Digging Pitt Gallery and Digging Pitt Too are looking for volunteers to help out at the gallery and at special events. Digging Pitt takes a 30% commission on sales, with the artist receiving 70%. Although Digging Pitt is not a non-profit, many of our events and initiatives serve the public and the arts community. If you want to help out, or if you have some other ideas, get in touch with us. Contact us by phone at 412-605-0450 or by email. We are looking for help in …

1) Special event help. Digging Pitt is trying to increase its visibility to the Pittsburgh public through events held away from the galleries. This could include sitting a table at a fair. It’s easy work, but with limited manpower, it is difficult for the gallery to participate in some really cool ventures. Some events of this nature include PYP events, tabletop shows at Unblurred and DIY events as well as fundraisers.

2) Assistance at opening and closing receptions. This is just helping out with food, smiling at patrons and making sure that interested parties know where to go to make a purchase.

3) Assistance with installation. We could use all levels of experience for this. As long as you can swing a hammer, we can use you!

4) Internet assistance for one of our many internet initiatives. We are looking for contributors for the Digging Pitt blogs and MySpace pages. Also, anybody that has some experience with Dreamweaver and can help out with the website. That would be tremendous!

5) Postcard and other printed material distribution. Hey, if you are going to that coffeeshop or venue anyway, why not take a few gallery cards with you?

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