Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Mother May I Marathon @brillobox

Set up and ready to go...

This was immersion therapy for artists. The models were wonderfilly inventive. Time flew by as a handfull of artists labored on the second floor of the brillobox on May 5.

I really enjoyed Andy More-hole and his Mom. "Mom" was a wonderful model and a delight. Thank you all so much. For more information about the brillobox's Drink and Draw sessions, check out our MySpace page or email us.

Next session:
Christine Allen and her trunk-full of characters
May 15

First session models, from left: Andy More-hole, Christine Allen and Andy More-hole's Mom
Second session models: Al and Nikki
Paul LeRoy
David Grim

Leo Goode

Steve Dines

Renee Ruth Ickes
Kyle Pattison
Susan Constanse

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