Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Photomakers at Filmmakers, North Oakland

At Pittsburgh Filmmakers in North Oakland, two recent graduates and one established local artist are showing photographs in the lobby gallery surrounding the Melwood Avenue screening room. Mandy Kendall’s “Inverted Landscapes” use double exposure, long rectangles, and black and white film to show the “extraordinary beauty of the everyday world.” They’re beautiful, lyrical images shot in Eastern Ohio and Western PA. In an age of digital everything, these are images true to what the photographer captured on old fashioned film; only the printing is digital.

CMU’s Eno Thereska works to portray the human condition in “Species.” Eliminating backgrounds, placing his human subjects against a stark white page, these singles, pairs, and couples look lonelier and more detached than ever. Except the ones that are hopeful, or something else entirely. I really liked these. They were like Richard Avedon for regular people.

Deeper into the gallery, Artist Image Resource director, Robert Beckman, has rearranged the space, adding a wall, and then covering the squarish room with life-sized images of East Ohio Street. This installation, called “STREET” (detail above), uses huge inkjet prints, pushing their color to gaudy and gorgeous tones. Beckman gets the “visual abundance” he’s going for, and if you’ve ever been to East Ohio Street on Pittsburgh’s Northside—with its pawn shops, luncheonettes, sports bars and thrift stores--you know where the inspiration comes from.

Through June 10th
Filmmakers Galleries
Hours: Noon-5pm, M-F
and during film screenings in Melwood Screening Room
477 Melwood Avenue

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