Sunday, May 13, 2007

Never Souled Out

Another chance to Swoon in Braddock and to see her show too!!

The legendary Northern Soul party will do it's first all nighter ever in Braddock.

Never Souled Out - 9pm-6am, May 12-13 - will be held at the desanctified
First Presbyterian Church
416 Library St., Braddock, PA, 15104
(Resanctify this baby with SOUL!)

$8 in advance and ten at the door.

Other facilities on-site include the Elks Lodge, with full bar, located two doors up, and Dorothy 6 art gallery located next door, which will be open during the early part of the evening with a multi-artist show including newsworthy NYC artist SWOON.

Never Souled Out is a BYOB event - please bring the adult beverages of your choice to see you through the night. We'll supply a couple of free kegs initially, as a gesture of beer-drinkin' good will!

However, the good folks of Braddock, PA, will be staffing a cash-only coffee/Red Bull/snack/etc. bar until 2 or 3 a.m. Tip well!

Several record dealers of no-small repute will be on hand, including Des Parker, Dave Moore, "Philly" Dave Brown, and more. So bring cash for your 45 fix, too.

But why Braddock?

"Just as small otherwise forgotten industrial towns such as Wolverhampton and Stoke, Blackpool and Wigan, ( and Manchester!!!) provided the original Northern Soul scene with its fans and clubs, Braddock’s post-industrial legacy makes it the perfect setting for Never Souled Out. But what’s more, by bringing soul fans from around Pittsburgh and around the country to see the revitalization process underway in Braddock, we hope that people will make that connection and realize that, with the right support, Braddock can fulfill its destiny as Pittsburgh’s once and future king (neighborhood)!

On our first site-visit to check the possible Braddock location, we were greeted by members of the local Elks Lodge who were old-school Porky and Mad Mike fans, R&B and record folks just like their “northern” brethren – and with a similarly caustic sense of humor. Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and Deputy Mayor Jeb Feldman have supported Never Souled Out with the passion of devotees, and really, we can’t think of a better fit."

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