Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cleveburgh College List

I'm trying to show on the sidebar a somewhat complete list of the colleges in or very near the "Cleveburgh region" I mentally mapped earlier. It's far from complete, in that I won't list every small branch campus or community college, however vital they may be.

This rich regional asset base, few areas in the entire country can match puts lie to the image of us as a dumb poor area ill suited to the new high skill age. It also, raises the questions--why are we not getting more bang for the buck from these institutions and are they even socially relevant to the "average Joe"? If not, why not?

It's not a joke or something that can be avoided for any school that wants to survive and thrive or for the communities they are in and near.

Antioch College was a private, independent liberal arts college in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was the founder and the flagship institution of the six-campus Antioch University system. Founded in 1852 by the Christian Connection, the college began operating in 1853 with the distinguished scholar Horace Mann as its first president. The college's educational approach blended practical work experience with classroom learning, and participatory community governance. Students received narrative evaluations instead of academic letter grades. The college's enrollment during the last academic year that it was open for classes (2007-08) was fewer than 200 students.

Not surprisingly, major Venture Capital Firms don't consider either Pittsburgh or Cleveland to be worthy of massive interest. But clear mental maps of the wider region could change that. Pull back a little further and there is The Washington megaplex and the emerging Toronto super region.

By, the way-- Sharon, Youngstown, Warren and Akron form the center of the map, right on or near I 80.

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Anonymous said...

Antioch College is rebuilding with a goal of opening its doors in 2011.