Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More Yinz Links From Cleveburgh And Beyond

Totally insane amount of press and buzz about the Burgh, Youngstown and the wider region. A taste. Looking to jagoff to a sweet Pittsburgh buzz- look at Pop City which compiles almost every positive story and mention of the city worldwide. I try to be a bit more um fair and balanced.


Pop City, (Which is actually officially totally awesome now) has a great Q&A with Don Marinelli, Entertainment Technology Center.

"I love Pittsburgh, so long as I can continue traveling the world. I know I want to be buried or have my ashes spread in the Burgh. This is home. I feel one with the Burgh, despite--or perhaps because of-- a ridiculous city government."

He said it--I just made it bold.

Pop City: Impressions of Gay Life in Pittsburgh from a newcomer from San Francisco.

Pop City: Loving life without a car in Pittsburgh.

"One of the things about Pittsburgh," offers Anne-Marie Lubenau, Community Design Center executive director, "is that it's much more European in character. You walk a few blocks, get coffee and a newspaper. Walk a few more blocks and do a little shopping. Walk a few more blocks and be in a great park."

What she really means is it was more "European", convenient and walkable before one bombed the place to drop in masses of highways, garages and surface parking lots.

See my tips on how to destroy a city.

POP City :Rethinking The Allegheny Waterfront.

Ding Dong, The wicked witch of the Mon Fayette Expressway may be finally dead, leaving Tube City to wonder and weep about all the lost time. Also, a must read.

"All of these ideas seem in retrospect somewhat obvious, and you might rightly ask why no one has proposed these kinds of things before.

In fact, many of these ideas have been suggested. But no one was listening."

That's right--I think many of these more realistic,detailed, sensitive and rational plans were put forward by CMU or Pitt students and urban activists and planners in the city and were really never listened to. The knee jerk response was always that these "outsiders" were just against all development or transportation in The Mon Valley. (Even though many, like John Fetterman had invested their lives in the area)

Still, this thing hangs over everyone. Would you buy property along Braddock's main street? Can you be sure it's dead?


I Will Shout Youngstown posts a video about efforts to stabilise a neigborhood called Idora.

Model D in Detroit admires the level of public engagement, forward thinking and planning in Youngstown. Shrinking right: How Youngstown, Ohio, is miles ahead of Detroit.

Inc Magazine does a long, interesting and realistic piece about The Youngstown Business Incubator, Turning Technologies and the struggle to build a startup technology base in the city. A must read! (I will follow up on this)


May 11 Willie Nelson show postponed due to "torn rotator cuff".

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Updates Parking Code for Bikes


Ax Falling @ The Plain Dealer

"Advance had warned of the repeal more than six months ago, but Goldberg made it official. A buyout package was offered to dozens of non-union employees. In the newsroom, that includes around 40 editor and manager types — positions spared the axe during a string of reporter layoffs over the last four years."

Be back with more as time allows.

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