Sunday, May 30, 2010

End Of May...the Traditional Pittsburgh Moving Weekend...Free Stuff to Be Had...No Dumpster Diving Required

It's the end of May....the traditional time for leases to end and for new ones to begin. And, if you need something...who knows, you might just find it on the street today or tomorrow, as people leave items behind. Ladybug boots anyone? (You can't tell from my pic...but that's what they are). I have found a lot of great stuff at this time of year....some of the highs include an amazing 1950's lamp that appears to be a prototype for a new design, 1950's end tables...and last but not least a terrific black and white lithograph of a man sleeping. O.K., those are unusual finds...but random chairs, microwaves,lamps etc.......those are always around.
The woman above was particulary thoughtful in setting up her own display, and not just clustering things around the apartment building garbage bin!

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