Saturday, May 01, 2010

Gold in Braddock and St. Nicholas Croatian Church

Tonight was opening night of Gold in Braddock at UnSmoke Systems. Definitely check out this playful and thought-provoking exploration of gold, gold, gold, and Braddock, Pa. The show will stay up through June 5th. Above is Abby Manock's mixed media piece, "PreLaunch," listed as a work in progress.
Tomorrow (Sunday May 2, 1:30pm-4:00pm) St Nicholas Croatian Church in Millvale will be open again to show the Maxo Vanka murals. We got an eyeful today, and were they gorgeous. Above is a closeup of the mural depicting the dangers of the New World: After one miner died in an explosion in a Johnstown-area mine, his 3 brothers went down into the mine and met the same fate. That was the 1930s; sad to know that 70 years have passed and we're hearing similar stories still. Thankfully, a painter as talented as Vanka was acting as witness.


nemo said...

for the murals i thought it was open yesterday (sat) and a week from today (sun) but not today

Karen Lillis said...

Rick, I see on this website that it was today:
Was it posted somewhere else as next Sunday?

nemo said...

i found out the post gazette had an online typo that it was next sunday- they corrected it.