Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rob Pruitt's, Andy Warhol Statue Unveiled In New York's Union Square

Video by artist& art vlogger, James Kalm, as always a fountain of New York art history.

A few thoughts from Critic Jerry Satlz

"I don’t actually love the statue itself. It doesn’t look that much like Warhol; the face is squished and smallish. But I love the passion behind it and the idea of putting this sculpture in this place at this time. It beautifully evokes the pathos, perversity, and runaway genius of this great swish-hero-artist. Pruitt is right when he says, “Every day, a thousand more kids come to New York propelled by Andy’s legacy … [making] this pilgrimage, coming here to make it big, to be an artist. Like Oscar Wilde’s grave at Père Lachaise, there should be a destination in New York to mark that journey. I think something needs to be in the streets of New York, something you could visit at four-thirty in the morning.” Pruitt’s monument will be on view only through October 2. It should be left here forever."

I think I love the super shiny look and it's obvious reference to Jeff Koons.

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