Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Film: Kill The Irishman Recalls Cleveland In The 70's: Bomb City USA

A Hollywood fact is that what's scary, upsetting and horrible in real life, will probably make a great movie.

Two new movies, one a documentary bring back the life and times of Danny Greene. Cleveland Magazine has a long story and feature about them, giving lots of info and links about this period.

NYC, has changed so much since the 70's that films about this era of Son of Sam, The Westies, graffiti and Fort Apache seem nostalgic. For Cleveland, it's not quite that way, the grit and history is close to the surface.

"It is a strange moment in the history of Cleveland pride. Kill the Irishman proves that 1970s Cleveland's rakishly charming crooks and killers are as worthy of a gangster film as those in '20s Chicago and '40s Los Angeles.

In 1976, 37 bombs exploded in Cuyahoga County — and legend aside, Danny Greene and the Mayfield Road Mob were probably responsible for less than half of them. Add City Hall's default, industrial decline, the rise of the Cleveland joke and a cellar-dwelling sports team or two, and the '70s may have been Cleveland's low point, its gloomy, unrelenting era of gray despair. But just as locals celebrated surviving the Blizzard of '78, they celebrate outlasting the blizzard of bad news, the drought of default, the epidemic of dynamite. Hitting bottom forges character — and characters.

So, to see back in time to the real Danny Greene, we consulted people who knew him well, writers who've tackled his story before, and documents and footage from his lifetime. We also talked to the lead actor, director and co-producer of Kill the Irishman to hear how they aimed to capture Greene's essence. The story takes us back to an era when the city's ethnic neighborhoods produced fierce rivalries and Clevelanders watched their high school classmates grow up to be union leaders and judges, cops and gangsters, nodding warily toward one another over lunch at the Theatrical Grill."

Kill The Irishman

Danny Greene:The Rise & Fall of the Irishman Documentary

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