Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Blog: The Pittsburgh Art Blog

I always fear that a few people from out of town might assume this blog covers everything there is to see or know about the Pittsburgh art scene. LOL, it would be pretty sad if it did.

IMHO, the best single source to follow for local openings, calls for artists and grant opportunities is The Pittsburgh Art Blog, the product of one insanely dedicated local artist who puts up several posts a day.He can't likely do more on his own. Coverage of the major museums is light. Rick tries to put the focus on local artists.

Check out: The Pittsburgh Art Blog

Also Follow him on Twitter.


nemo said...

thanks a lot for the shout out!

nemo said...

and i'm covering a little more about the museums recently but mindful of not duplicating what's done with your blog (and not compromising my bias towards local artists).