Friday, March 18, 2011

Donald Judd Remix Opens Tonight @FE Gallery

Donald Judd Remix @FE Gallery


Friday March 18, from 7 - 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: March 18 - April 23

Don't be put off by this show if you find Donald Judd's work boring, it seems pretty clear the curator, Vicky Clark has used this is an excuse to bring to together four artist's with work losely related to boxes.

"It would take time for artists to assimilate and interpret his forms. So it began: any use of boxes referred back to Judd. I doubt that the four artists in Donald Judd Remix based their work directly on Judd, but there is the acknowledgment of a minimalist structure. All point to aspects of the originals: serialization, display, materials, etc. But they include the personal in a variety of ways, leaving the sterile behind. They add what Judd left out, creating a new kind of minimalism, or at least expanding the original definition by emphasizing meaning and the personal and the hand of the artist."

Jeremy Boyle
Bill Radawec
Mark Franchino
Janet Towbin

Janet Towbin has for a number of years lived in Arizona, but was once a significant figure in the scene here. Eager to see her work.

Thursday and Friday from 12-3
and Saturday from 12-4

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