Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pittsburgh Weekend Art Events: 3/25-26/11.

c. David Grim (taken 3/19/11)

Sure. You could be forgiven for hibernating at home for one more weekend. After all, it is going to be unseasonably cold. But that's just the thing- it's "unseasonable" because it is indeed officially Spring! So get into the spirit and see what the local arts scene has to offer...


The Mattress Factory has had Gestures shows for years now. The North Side museum gives over space to mostly local artists and their installations. The 15th exhibition in this series (7-10PM) includes work by Will Giannotti, Wendy Osher, Garry Pyles, and others. It does cost $10 to get in, but likely includes access to a free beer or two.

Meanwhile, Melwood Filmmakers (4700 Melwood Avenue, Oakland) is showing the photography of Annie O'Neill from 6-8PM. Her series of 30 images documents folks who have worked in their profession for at least 50 years, and presents them in uniform. This reception is free (and recommended).

If you have a strong taste for photography, you can check out Silver Eye's very first Juried Member Exhibition (6:30-8PM). Curator Darren Ching looked at 1000 images from 100 artists working all over the world and chose work from six of them- Susan A. Barnett (New York, NY); Hope Guzzo (Laurel, MD); Nic Lyons (San Francisco, CA); Leigh Merrill (Dallas, TX); Monika Merva (Brooklyn, NY); and Stephen Strom (Sonoita, AZ). The gallery is located at 1015 East Carson Street.

And stop by Modern Formations (4919 Penn Ave.) on either Friday (7-10PM) or Saturday (8-11PM) to see the creative work of artisans from Specter Studios (located in Sharpsburg) . They were given raw latex masks and invited to come up with original designs.


"Ladies' Choice" is opening at Artform Gallery & Tattoo (2603 Leechburg Rd., Lower Burrell). The show is meant to celebrate "Support Women Artist Now Day", and features female creators from all over Western PA, including Terri Perpich, Vanessa German, Lauren Toohey, Steph Scullio, Laura Petrilla, Lauren Musulin, Sam Thorp, Tamra Jutting, Tiffany Babinsack, Mia Donna Maneer, Christiane D, Jen Spisak, Mahala McWilliams, Anne Michelle Lyons, Masha Fikhman, Katie Moran. Stop in between 7 and 11PM.

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