Wednesday, June 21, 2006

If a tree falls?

I am back and still wired but now I am drunk too.

Me: This is wrong. John, you shouldn't drink and blog.

Me: Who are you--My Mother?

Me: So, I am changing the subject to like other stuff that I am pissed about.

Me: What now?
You are full of anger.

Me: So grasshopper, If a tree falls in the forest an--

Me: yada, yada

Me: Like if shows happen and no one shoots them. Did they really happen? If a gallery exists and has great shows, but doesn't have a website---

Me: This is wrong, John. Art is an end in itself and these shows have meaning to the people who see them. You aren't saying that only things that exist online or in the media, really exist? Are You?

Me: Ok, this is really meant to be a practical discusion, bozo. What I mean is that, I live in a town in which the vast majority of galleries don't put images online.

Me: A lot don't even have websites.

ME: Yes, and I know a lot of them are broke. But, some of them are not-- Some of them are major institutions. I mean they spend on all kinds of stuff, ads, cards, posters.

Me: It is frustrating! You were hoping to have lots of online art reviews, but this isn't to practical if people can't see any images.

Me: Yes, It makes me want to drink.

Me: I think I understand John. Tell me about your father, John.

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