Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Blog in Temporary Slowdown Mode

My personal posts will be in slowdown mode as I go through a period of "restructuring", and rethinking.

The current, goal of having an active group blog looking at the good and bad of the art scene here and the real economic and social impact of good and bad design on the lives of people in the Cleveburgh region isn't close to being met.

The bad news is that I just don't see much upside in investing too much of my time in a blog too few are reading and participating in. (You can see my comments in places like Urbanophile) The good news is that several new people may be coming on board in the next few months with wider views of urbanism and the Cleveland Art world.

Until then, things are most likely to slow down but not die out to a few posts a week. Of course, you could breath life back in by contributing posts.

If you have thoughts, events, insight or images you want to share about art, music, film, urban design, architecture, transit or history in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, Erie, Morgantown, Akron, Canton region--Cleveburgh, email me We can hook you up to post.

This is not Hyper Local media, but regional media seeking local viewpoints.

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