Friday, June 18, 2010

50 Years Worth of Unclaimed Dry Cleaning Plus

Mr. Vacca, an Italian Tailor, dry cleaner, and a gentleman of the old school, is retiring. He is 80 years old, and at this location in Bloomfield (4623 Liberty Ave) for 50 years. He and his family are in the process of selling off miscellaneous items in the store , as well as unclaimed dry cleaning. There is a LOT of unclaimed dry cleaning. The prices are great.

I love this place. Mr. Vacca is a master at his craft. His cleaning was actually done on site.I would bring in some particularly dreadfully stained clothing, and he would peer at it with the eye of an expert and conclude "I think it will be all right" And he was true to his word.
The fact that the whole store is frozen in a Madmen era time warp is really charming.

I did a brief interview with him that I will post on the blog soon, but for now, I just want to get out word about his tag sale.

Going Out of Business Sale
Vacca's Tailoring and Dry Cleaning
4623 Liberty Ave
Bloomfield near Pearl St.
Pgh. Pa.
Saturday, June 19th 10 a.m. til at least 2 p.m.
may also be open next week


Anonymous said...

Any word if they'll have the sale again this weekend? I found out too late to check it out last week...

John Morris said...

No, I don't know. Mr. Vacca is retiring and over 80. They have tried very hard to stay open so people could pick their stuff up and then to sell stuff. I think the plan was just to do this that weekend but i guess they may be open a little bit.

I heard lot's of people came by and it was a success.

A golden moment for a Don Draper era wardrobe on the cheap. Some things were left there for fifty years, I think!