Monday, June 28, 2010

As Promised: Furries ! Shots From Anthrocon 2010

I really was hoping for a set that somehow represented the diversity of Fandom. Fully dressed furries were just a part of it--although, there seemed to be an whole lot of them this year. Many people just had unique T-shirts or were carrying a stuffed animal or in many, cases showed an interest in some other fantasy type character from pirate, to fireman. Actually, the whole vibe was a cross between Halloween and a Dead concert. Still, the furries grabbed the spotlight.

Almost all these shots are by Jean and were taken in or very close to The Weston Hotel.

Even though we didn't attend, we were able to roam the first few floors of the hotel.

The start of a Furry dance party, which turned into a photo-op. (Furries like photo-ops)

Furries support local economy.

Part two later. Thanks Jean for all these amazing photos.

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Anonymous said...

OK. They are all very cute, but in terms of anthropomorphic creatures, it doesn't get any more adorable than Zoe Kravitz as a dragon. Zoe is obsessed