Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Right To Life Convention meets Furry Right To Yiff Convention meets The TypewriterGirls Gone Furry @ Future Tenant

Gee, I gotta hope these two crowds meet somehow but the Right to Life folks are at the airport. It's Furry Weekend! I'm scared it might be the last one. Why is the mayor and City Counsel so silent on this issue? Five years ago, there were no condos in the Strip and I think Brillobox wasn't even here. Also, last year the Furries freaked out the Mets and the Pirates got a win out of it.

Special event: Fur is word-er : TypewriterGirls Gone Furry @ Future Tenant Tonight!

Call it a shenanigan-filled, dada-bred poetry cabaret, a celebratory welcome to Anthrocon 2010 or an evening of off-beat unclassifiable entertainment.

On Friday, the Typewriter Girls will team up with the Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails, the Bridge City Bombshells, plus comedian Gab Bonesso, some area poets and others for an evening of controlled artistic chaos loosely organized under the title “The Typewriter Girls Gone Furry.”

The impetus for the evening is Anthrocon 2010, a convention that begins today at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center of “Furry” fans who identify with animals and often dress or act like animals.

Events planned to get attendees in touch with their inner beast include the Bridge City Bombshells performing feats of “Furry Burlesque,” an open bar with themed drinks such as “When Minks Make Love,” a performance by the local band the Hood Gang, and the Typewriter Girls exploring the question of what happens when your pet stuffed monkey wants to become a furry, too.

The evening gets under way at 7:30 p.m. Friday when doors open at Future Tenant, 819 Penn Ave., Downtown. Performances begin around 8 p.m.

Admission: $10, which includes an open bar.

Details: 412-325-7037 or or

See my furry post and shots from last year.

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