Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opening Tonight Dee Briggs at Unsmoke Systems

From Jeb's email:

Come on out to Unsmoke for art in Braddock. Dee has gone big and beautiful all over the premises.
And an additional sharp collaboration artwork in metal.
And the oven will be hot and cooking pizzas yet again as well.
Five new site specific works by Dee Briggs

Reverberation: Rhythm, reflection and balance are the ideas that organize this work and preoccupy its maker. Physical, tactile, spatial balance, syncopated visual rhythm, multisensory reverberation are the places where Dee Briggs begins and ends with five new site specific works opening at UnSmoke ArtSpace in Braddock, June 19th. Five new works will be installed in large and small-scale spaces that exist between the architecture. Briggs has chosen the interstitial spaces of the gallery (and it’s context) and allowed this work to reverberate within it. The results are an ongoing exploration of spatial experiences defined by line and plane, light and shadow, volume and void. The exhibition will also include a new collaborative experimentation with sound artist Herman Pearl.

Dee Briggs was born in 1968 in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. She received a Masters of Architecture degree from Yale University in 2002 with undergraduate studies in architecture from the City College of New York. Briggs began making art full time in 2002 and now exhibits nationally and teaches in the schools of art and architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. She lives and works in New York and Pittsburgh.

Adam Aviles Ellen Garrett Doug Ferrell Kaitlin Miciunas

Phase II of the site-specific installation in steel, Unhealthy for Sensitive People, is a developing multi-sensory experience, demanding physical and social interaction between individuals and their immediate spatial comprehension, within the boundaries of the space and in relation to Braddock.

Adam Aviles, Ellen Garrett, Doug Ferrell and Kaitlin Miciunas will be graduating from the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in the Spring of 2011. They have been working on this collaborative project for the past year as an outgrowth of the 3-D Media course they took in the Fall of 2009 with Dee Briggs. The project was supported by a Student Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) given by Carnegie Mellon University.
Stop into UnSmoke ArtSpace in Braddock this Saturday, June 19 for the
opening of these two new exhibits.
In addition to the art we'll have refreshments from East End Brewery
and the Braddock community brick oven.
Unsmoke Systems
1137 Braddock Avenue
Braddock PA 15104
Opening Saturday, June 19, 6-9 pm

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