Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Pittsburgh Urbanism Blog: Reimagine an Urban Paradise

Both Karen and me were dumb/ crazy enough to have seen Pittsburgh's potential as an interesting, inexpensive, livable city. even so, up till very recently there have been very few blogs or sites batting around the nuts and bolts ideas that would help get us there. Yes, there's Bike Pittsburgh but a safe dynamic city in a town with the hills needs complete streets and neighborhoods for everyone.

Reimagine an Urban Paradise, is a nice blog that starts to dig into that. Here, Lolly, the author tells us about a fun, practical thing you can do in a dense city. Read her post about Clothing Swaps here.


Karen Lillis said...

You mean, both John and I were dumb/crazy/stubborn/visionary enough to see Pittsburgh as a *pedestrian* city!! Hahahaha.

Karen Lillis said...

And yes, Reimagine an Urban Paradise is a great blog! So glad to have another car-less transplant in the 'Burgh, adding her voice and advocacy to the mix.