Thursday, August 04, 2011

Andy's 83rd Birthday is Saturday (I mean Warhol, ofcourse)

If Andy Warhol was still with us, he would be 83 on Saturday. I have heard that there will be events/happenings/etc in Union Square (NYC) where this terrific statue of Andy sits.
In Pittsburgh, Paul LeRoy (King of Art)is holding a birthday party for Andy at his grave.Truly. The event will be filmed.For information go here I am sure Andy would have loved it.
There was a very interesting and detailed article in the NY Times today about an avid student of Warhol's life (and all around obsessed a good way) who gives tours of places in NYC that were important to Andy's life.....everyplace from Capote's residence (where he stood outside hoping to meeet Truman) to his residences,to the Factories...etc etc. I think I'll be taking one of these tours the next time I'm in the city. See here

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