Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parting Words Of Museum Director Resonate for Me

In NYC, many of the big players in town are huge money art dealers and auction houses but in most other cities aside from perhaps LA, the big players in town are the museums and other large non profits.

Quote from, David Gordon, the former CEO and director of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

“(This idea) has grown on me as I have gone around the country and looked at one expensive building after another...with the same kind of dynamic of wealthy donors really wanting to have a place to entertain themselves,” he said. “I just feel that the problems facing society are about inequality, and if as museums say we only care about showing’s no longer interesting enough.”

Why shouldn't the museums in Detroit be part of turning the blighted areas into the artist colony that’s taking root there, he said, or why shouldn’t museums open annexes in the weakest parts of cities rather than just erecting big-budget buildings?"

I also love that he shares my increasing loathing for The Museum of Modern Art which will now set you back $25 just to get in the door.

Perhaps we will be talking about this at the first Museum Tweet Up -6:30 @Brillobox? Twitter hash tag #MuseumsNAt

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