Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Antiques Roadshow Will Visit Pittsburgh's Historic Carrie Furnace

Regular viewers know that Antiques Roadshow usually includes a few segments on local museums and or historic sites specific to the cities they visit. No surprise, they will be looking at the Carnegie and Warhol Museums, but the third visit will be to a truely unique icon of of our steel heritage.

Apparently, the producers insisted on shooting there when they learned of the place.

""This is the coolest place we've been this summer," Mr. Wahlberg said of the Carrie Furnace Thursday, looking skyward to the criss-cross of beams and wires overhead. "It's overwhelming; I cannot imagine what this place was like when it was up and running."

In its heyday, about 4,000 workers manned the Carrie Furnace complex as it provided more than 2 million tons of iron a year to the Homestead Works across the river.

When the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area organization heard "Roadshow" chose Pittsburgh as one of its six summer tour cities, it pitched a visit to the historic site."

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