Sunday, August 07, 2011

August Unblurred

The night was humid. I'm not kidding, here, it was stultifying in its denseness, it was a miasma heat and sweat, practically visible in its density. But that didn't stop the stalwart souls of Pittsburgh from making their way to Penn Avenue for the monthly Unblurred.

They were rewarded with some very fine shows. The regulars at Artica and Awesome Books were on hand, doors open and smiling in spite of the heat. If you missed the anniversary show at Modernformations in July, Friday was a great alternative to view the exhibit. It wasn't nearly so crowded.

At Most Wanted Fine Art

Michael Galone, Untitled (flower)

Kati Burgess, Lost Love


Charcoal Drawings by Kati Burgess and Michael Galone are showcased at Most Wanted Fine Art. A small show, but well presented. The works by Ms Burgess and Mr Galone are clean and very well executed.

Most Wanted Fine Art
5015 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At Image Box

Rebecca Spitler, Seahorse Study #2

These were a series of very small, very clean drawings. Kind of sweet, and charming.

... a solo exhibition featuring a series of ink drawings by Ms. Rebecca Spitler.
Image Box
4933 Penn Ave
At Assemble

Dana L Depew, Pleasure of Course

Oh, this was just an all around fun place. Tons of stuff going on, ranging from installation to more static forms. The work by Ms Depew (pictured above) got a lot of attention, with its tiny vignettes. Each of the suitcases contained a lit diorama, just a lot of fun to explore. I am looking forward to weeing what assemble will be binging us in the coming months.

5125 Penn Ave

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