Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Lost Pittsburgh School, Art Events in Braddock

If I am able to make it out Saturday, this will be the 4th weekend in a row that I've been to an art event or opening in Braddock PA aat Unsmkoke! They are certainly making up for the cold winter months when Unsmoke's gallery is closed.
This exhibit sounds really fascinating. The exhibit, which includes a series of tlks and events highlights "the first comprehensive study of the earthworks and conceptual outdoor art movement in 1970's Pittsburgh".
The Lost Pittsburgh School

August 6 – 27, 2011
Lectures/performances each Saturday @7pm
or by appointment

Saturday, August 6th
Stewart O’Nan, novelist
James Weiss, performance artist and art historian

Saturday, August 13th
Charlie Humphrey, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Bill Peduto, Pittsburgh City Council Member
Doug Shields, Pittsburgh City Council Member

Saturday, August 20th
Charlee Brodsky, documentary photographer and professor at Carnegie Mellon University
Jim Daniels, poet and professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Saturday, August 27th
Alexi Morrissey, artist
The Halftime String Band

The first comprehensive study of the earthworks and conceptual outdoor art movement in 1970's Pittsburgh opens August 6th at Braddock's UnSmoke Systems Artspace.

Dubbed "The Lost Pittsburgh School" by now-retired CMU professor Bruce Breland, these 11 artists (and two "collectives"), widened the boundaries of public art in America. Resolutely political, they maintained a rigor of form and an aesthetic of craft endemic to the region - making a laborite art that didn't labor under doctrine. They stepped beyond Post-Industrial clich├ęs before "Industrial" was post. And then, in step with Betty Rockwell, G.David Thompson, and Jacob Lawrence, they left Pittsburgh, ignored and neglected by the community they'd done so much to exalt.

Working together with Canadian curator Eddy Saad, Pittsburgh-based Bessemer Press brings this remarkable group back to life again. And it happens in Braddock, the birthplace of both the industrial might and the attendant misery that lit their imaginations.

Featured Artists:

Joseph Barkoczi
Ryan Avedissian
Ereni Bariekis
Brad Demmler
Gil Dugita
Pamela Luwderowski
Harry Macrady
Danilova Navratilova Malloy
Steve Nied
Wilem Smithammer
The 1877 Strike Collective
Allison Von Westerberg
The Skid Crews

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Halftime String Band said...

Halftime String Band August 27 @ Unsmoke Artspace - The Lost Pittsburgh School.