Monday, August 15, 2011

Lauren Toohey @Art Form Gallery (and Tattoo)

It was one of those rare opportunities to pass beyond the boundaries of our fair city. I jumped at the opportunity; It was worth the trip.

Art Form is a beautiful setting. Spread over two floors, you wouldn't know walking in that there was tattooing on the premises. The first floor, which is the main gallery, is beautifully painted, the second floor houses Art Form's permanent collection and a tattoo station. However, Saturday night was earmarked for seeing Ms. Toohey's recent works.

Alongside the witty and whimsical works, Ms. Toohey included works from a recent series of avian themed paintings, ranging from minuscule to medium. The works burst with color,echoing the male mating displays of birds. The works are an interesting read, with detailed imagery providing a subtext for the works.

The show will be in place through mid September.

We made these pictures come look at them k thanks.
Art Form Gallery and Tattoo
Shop Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 1 - 9pm
2603 Leechburg Road
Lower Burrell, PA

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Frank Zweegers said...

Lovely work!