Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Artist's Open Studio Weekend

This weekend of events and happenings includes some great opportunities to see (and perhaps buy) artists work in their studios and work spaces.

The fifth annual Lawrenceville artist's studio tour on Saturday will open 16 artists work spaces and let you see work from video and performance, to traditional stained glass, textiles, sculpture and pottery.

Just download the PDF for a map.

My personal must sees would likely include the studios of

Connie Cantor

Encyclopedia Destructica

Ron Donoughe

Dan Gasser

But the Casey and Rachel Hallas studio looks very interesting.

I'm a little bummed, that Tugboat Press isn't opening up.

Then on Sunday

On Sunday, consider popping into Open studio event of Susan Constance and Christine Bethea in Bloomfield.

Orange Balloons, an aRt-O-noMic open studio event
Bloomfield, 4073 Liberty Ave – 2nd floor
Sunday, October 18, 2008: 12PM – 6PM

Now for my rant!

People familiar with the art scene and geography of Pittsburgh might guess that one could easily put together an amazing Bloomfield/Garfield/Lawrenceville open studio/ art weekend or something which could easily include 30 different art studios and galleries.

Don't hold your breath on that one.


Susan Constanse said...

Thanks for the shout out, John. I have to disagree with you about 30 artists in an expanded tour. You could easily find twice that number!

John Morris said...

I was trying to be safe. Honestly, the way a lot of Pittsburgh events work out, a lot of people find them not worth the effort.

My guess, is one would get an easy 30 just by including all the already existing galleries, and artist run spaces on Penn Ave; like the new Fast Fwd space; The Irma Freeman Center and Nerve gallery.

Also, most of the artists in the area don't have formal studios.

I'll try to get back with more thoughts.