Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lou Albano Dies: Cyndy Lauper Still Having Fun

One of the great, great, greats has passed. Not really joking about this either. This is money made the old fashioned way.

Capt Lou is the father in this classic Cyndy Lauper music video

"Following the encouragement of fellow wrestler(and Pittsburgher) Bruno Sammartino, Albano transitioned from wrestling to announcing.[3] He transformed himself into the brash, bombastic manager Captain Lou Albano. With a quick wit and a grating personality, Albano delivered memorable promos that made him wrestling's most villainous manager. He earned the scorn of the wrestling audience as he attempted to dethrone World Wide Wrestling Federation superstar and WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino. In 1971, Albano achieved his objective when "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff ended Sammartino's seven year reign as champion.[3] For the remainder of the 1970s, Albano's cadre of loyal henchmen were unable to resecure the championship once Sammartino won it back."

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