Friday, October 16, 2009

Mary Tremonte Featured Artist For Encyclopedia Destructica Open Studio

Mary Tremonte Mural In Braddock

The Lawrenceville Open Studios are the must see event tomorrow and a high point of that should be The Ecyclopedia Destructica studio.

Come visit the Encyclopedia Destructica Studios during the L'ville Studio Tour
Saturday, October 17th
10 am - 6 pm

all of our books and zines published since the beginning (2005) will be on display

sew together your own medieval carnival issue to take home
artwork on the walls by
Mary Tremonte

Holy cats and flying squirrels! Encyclopedia Destructica has selected the next FLYING DESTRUCTICATE! "Who could the next fantabulous artist in an already magnificent line of Flying Destructicates be? What could they possibly be up to now? What physical marvel of the book form could potentially be in production in the studios of Encyclopedia Destructica??!!!", you may be asking, thricely...

Well, the wait is over! Rejoice! Mary Tremonte is your new FLYING DESTRUCTICATE!!!! She astounds! She rocks! She removes your socks in a wave of undeniable awesomeness!

Mary is an artist-educator-DJ. She is a member of Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, a decentralized community of artsist who have banded together to both sell their work online and to collaborate with and support each other and social movements. She has recently completed residencies in Providence, RI and Halifax, NS. Mary is a Youth Programs Coordinator at the Andy Warhol Museum and volunteers at Artists Image Resource. She is consumed with printmaking, totally teens, collaboration, communication and the politics of social space, especially the dancepaty.

Come check out some work by Mary on the walls of the Destructica studios THIS SATURDAY for the Lawrenceveille Artists' Studio Tour.

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