Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Some stuff that I am doing (shameless self promotion post)

October is always a busy month for the arts. This month's first Friday is a good example. On October 2, there were gallery crawls in Downtown, on Penn Avenue and in Shadyside. It's a good thing that galleries have regular hours so that you can catch all of those shows that you missed on opening night. Right?

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I have a two-person show at Most Wanted Fine Art during the month of October. Above, far left, is an installation shot from the gallery. The works on display are from the Unreal Spaces series and are some of my newest works. T.I.N.A. is the artist that I am showing with (center image). His work is very political/commentary/social. Interesting is that he is using a pochoir technique for producing original multiples. The exhibit is at --

T.I.N.A. and Susan Constanse displaying their newest images just in time for the "G-20 reply". Meet the artists Friday night! Please stop by the space or make an appointment Wed-Fri 1PM-6PM, search "MWFA" on www.youtube.com.

While I was on Penn Avenue for the October Unblurred event, I didn't really get out to take a look at the other exhibits. I did pop across the street to Artica to say hello and was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of Vanessa German's assemblages (far right).

Orange Balloons, an aRt-O-noMic open studio event


I like having open studios. It gives me a chance to show off my newest work. My studio is such a great big place that I always ask a few artists if they would like to bring some work in and set up in the studio for the day. This year, in addition to my wonderful studio mate, Christine Bethea, Michelle Gregio and Laurenty Josep will be joining us for the day.

How do you find us? We are near the Bloomfield end of the Bloomfield Bridge, next door to Iron Eden and across the street from Paul Lumber. Look for the orange balloons!

Orange Balloons, an aRt-O-noMic open studio event
Bloomfield, 4073 Liberty Ave – 2nd floor
Sunday, October 18, 2008: 12PM – 6PM


This little show in 709 Gallery ended up being a really terrific survey. The work presented is from a wide range of artists whose practices include glass, painting, drawing, assemblage and collage. The exhibit was meant to showcase Pittsburgh artists to the dignitaries and luminaries visiting our fair city for the G-20 Summit. But that doesn't mean that we, as citizens of this fair city, can't enjoy the selection too.

Christiane Leach

Vanessa German (foreground)

Susan Constanse

Installation, left wall

Josh Hogan

Christine Bethea

soulpurpose, 709 Penn Gallery, Closing reception, November 6
The Trust’s Education and Community Engagement Department will also host a survey of 15 local artists in an exhibition and sale called “soulpurpose: Local Artists Showcase.” The exhibition at 709 Penn Gallery will run Friday, September 11, through Friday, November 6, 2009. Participating artists include: Leslie Ansley, Christine Bethea, Margaret Burley, Susan Constanse, John Flatz, Vanessa German, Rita Gregory, Gary Guydosh, Josh Hogan, LaVerne Kemp, Christiane Leach, Saihou Njie, Sandra Moore, Susan Ragland, Mark Traughber and Richelle Wilson.


BSH said...

haha - this is funny because 709 is the only gallery that asked me not to take pictures! I love the work in this show so much!

sus said...

Whoa, really? I guess it depends on who is sitting. Your gallery crawl was tremendous anyway.

John Carman said...

I'd like to do a post about Orange Balloons on Bloomfield Now, and help introduce your gallery to the neighborhood. Email me if you're interested.