Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Open Thread Regional Review’s Open Reading Period Closes Nov. 1st!

Regular readers know I'm obsessed with the Pittsburgh art scene's extreme issolation from the outside world.

Yes, It's relatively easy to show your work here but very hard to make even regional connections without leaving the area entirely.This problem seems to be mirored by the even greater issolation of artists in West Virginia and Ohio. It doesn't have to be this way.

Anyway, print and online media are easy ways to try to break this loop

The Regional Review is a publication of Open Thread, a new regional arts organization based out of Pittsburgh. Open Thread seeks to establish frameworks for artistic discovery in the tri-state area, providing local artists, writers, performers, and vendors with opportunities for publication, performance, or exhibition.

October 8th, 2009 Adam Atkinson The open reading period for Volume Two of the Open Thread Regional Review closes on Sunday, November 1st at midnight! We’re considering unsolicited poems, stories, essays, paintings, drawings, prints, photos, video stills, documentation of 3-D work, comics, and mixed media and genres!

Who’s eligible? Any native or current resident of Open Thread’s target region: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Eligible writers and artists must also be in the early stages of a career in their respective field.

Here’s how to submit: go to www.openthread.org, register as an Open Thread member (free!), and then upload your work at www.openthread.org/submit! Be sure to read carefully: preference is given to work that meets our submission guidelines.

The Open Thread Regional Review is an essential collection of the region’s best emerging art and literature. Volume Two is scheduled for release in early 2010 and is supported in part by a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund. Volume One is available for purchase at www.openthread.org/publications.

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