Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Hill

The topic of sprawl, stadiums and urban planning has come up. So I think that a little perspective and memory would be good. Here is a cultural scene I wish I had been here to see and here is what is there now. A crime like this has no statute of limitations.

I think that one of the underpinnings of government planning is to make one forget that any alternatives to it exist- that no other road could have been taken.


John Morris said...

But, there was a small sign that there is justice in the world. What was done to the hill helped create a dead downtown.

Merge Divide said...

Yeah, but if it weren't for the Civic Arena (or whatever the hell it's called), where would our suburbanite friends be able to watch tractor pulls and professional wrestling ??

Susan Constanse said...

It's got a long way to go before it recovers its former greatness. One of the greatest losses was the Crawford Grill. This little piece of Jazz history boasted performance by some of the greats.

There is stil a vital and dedicated community in the Hill district. I've worked with the Hill House for the last three summers in their arts progrmas for children. Terri Baltimore, who spearheads these efforts, is very dedicated to this community. I enjoy my summers on the Hill.

John Morris said...


As I said there is no statute of limitations on a crime that big.

susan said...

this is a test