Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Resonance: Works by Carolyn Wenning

Opens: July 13, 2006
Artist Reception: July 20, 2006: 6-9pm
Closing Reception: August 19, 2006: 6-9pm

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Save the date! August 19, 6-9PMMark the closing of the exhibit with an improvisational photographic event orchestrated by the artist, to be posted on www.digginpitt.com

Works by Carolyn Wenning

The images composing the exhibition "Resonance" are a collection of paintings, digital prints and mixed media pieces. The works are meant to resonate with the viewer on different psychological, emotional or conceptual levels. One of these levels I've termed the "Marginal Space". Marginal refers to the liminal space, the nascent rift between such boundaries as private/public, inside/out, peaceful/violent, memory/reality and secret/revealed. "Space" connotes a psychological place or interval of time.
Each piece also serves as expression of my search for the relationships between the subjective influence of experiential or corporeal knowledge and the way this sensory information can provoke a psychological response.

I believe that the subjective body can serve as a basic and important foundation for human knowledge and perception. Thus, tied to the research for these works is the philosophy of phenomenology. This philosophy theorizes that human understanding is derived not theoretically or objectively, but by interpreting bodily involvement and experience. Philosophers in the field of phenomenology whose ideas have inspired my work include Edmund Husserl and Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

Metaphorically, the materials used mimic the substances of the body. The intrinsic properties of oil paint, tar and wax allow for a carnal, viscous quality while the layering process replicates the complexity of individual identity. Photography is utilized to capture a decisive moment or record a specific space of time. Photography also helps to create a narrative - the situation of the subjective body caught and documented in a moment or condition - a public display of a private mystery. Something that perhaps will resonate with you. Artist Statement - Carolyn Wenning


Merge Divide said...

I am disappointed that I missed the opening. I'm glad you have Sunday hours at the gallery.

Merge Divide said...

Hey folks, this is a very nice show... I think you should go see the opening that I didn't miss last week, but I will miss tomorrow (Thursday the 19th of JULY). I stopped in Sunday and had a look... very nice, and reasonably priced work.

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