Sunday, July 09, 2006

Too Much

The last few days have been an overload for me. Friday was one of those crazy dumb super Fridays with every gallery in the city trying to have an opening on the same night. This created a situation in which even the most fanatic people could not see a fraction. I think David has said all that needs to in his post. I will try to give a few highlights as I get the chance, but I missed a lot. One knock-out moment that I could not miss was Katherine Young's obsessive exploration of sexuality and personal vulnerability at Modern Formations. I bought one even though I am so broke.

Another fantastic find was the miraculous appearance of Swoon onto Penn Ave. I must admit that at first I thought that this was just another example of imitation as flattery. The quality of the work was great. Still I did not believe. But, I now have the dope-- Swoon was here. I guess this is a sort of lesson on faith and believing your eyes. We can only pray that this outrageous vandal will return.


John Morris said...

Ok. here is my review. The show rocks.

There are a lot of shows in which an artist seems to be "exposing or displaying" for some kind of shock value. And, some her work does have a shock value. But, the overall effect is one of being taken so closely into someones personal space and exposed to a level of vulnerability that few would expose.

There is a very strange iconography going on and a kind of obssessive craft that borders on prayer.

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